Our Work

3 Rivers Roofing

A roofing company with a track record of excellence, and a heart of gold.

3 Rivers Roofing was ready to get the word out that they were ready and willing to provide Central Texans with all of their roofing and gutter system needs. Wild Onion Media laid out the Digital roadmap and a marketing plan and we’ve since seen huge returns, and more customers (the ultimate mertric).

We created a mobile first web build that was optimized for organic search, as well as an ongoing SEO program of content generation and advertising leverageing AI tools and the 3 Rivers Roofing brand to establish an online presence and provide important information and insights for customers. 


3 Rivers Roofing


SEO is different now, and so are the methods we need to use to ensure that your content is viewed by your target audience. For 3 Rivers Roofing we developed a robust SEO plan that consisted of a backlink program, a blog program, a fully SEO optimized mobile friendly web design and rebuild and all the standard bells and whistles.


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Percent increase in overall business
Products sold during the ad campaign
Raving reviews written since the launch
The Results

“Wild Onion Media has exceeded expectations in multiple areas of digital media including professional website design, SEO and web search visibility, and even AI driven marketing. 3 Rivers Roofing has seen an uptick in business thanks to all of their efforts. “

An airtight strategy is critical to maximize visibility, and ultimately create new customers.

For us, a great strategy extends far beyond just impleenting a few standard SEO tricks and pumping the ad budget. We aim to help you change your standing on the web and beyond: that means creating and leveraging a consistent brand image, and building a campaign that showcases your trustworthiness and expertise.